OMG sooooooo busy

Not complaining though I love new challenges. Here are just some of the cards I have made recently. The first card was for a customer whose husband is in the RAF and they have twin girls so is a card from them to say they miss their Daddy. With my hubby being in the Navy I can relate to this so this card really touched me x

The second card is a 16th birthday card which for for a football mad teenager. The third one a 75th birthday fo a special Aunt. The next one an Anniversary Mum and Dad card and last but not least a 1st birthday card.



I was commissioned to make a romantic card in lilac for this chap's wife and a mommy card for her birthday - this is what I came up with - she loved them on her birthday x


More More More - Weddings Galore

Im on a roll at the moment .... some new invites I have been working on - very simple and elegant


Working Working Working

I havn't stopped !!!! making lots of christmas cards but these won't be revealed online until after my open day on 5th September!!

Ive also been making these cards for my site - loving using my new glitter card on my robo, photos don't do these cards justice at all !!


Betty Boop & Liverpool

A Customer asked me to make two cards for her Sisters Birthdays, one for a 60th Betty Boop Card and one for her other sister who loves everything about Liverpool. I came up with these and really enjoyed doing them.


Rainy Week in Cornwall

Well after a lovely rainy week in Cornwall, I am back and ready to start on our Christmas Designs. I am really looking forward to doing this and have loads of ideas in my head so watch this space......