Some cards I have done recently

here are some recent cards for Customers

Craft Robo

Ive brought a Robo. Robbie is going to be delivered either Monday or Tuesday and Im so excited it was a lot of money to splash out but Im hoping it will be so worth it...... watch this space :)


Bringing out a new range

Of invitations for party's, baby showers and also birth announcements. They are going to be part of the basic range which will be cheap and cheerful. They will be on the site within the next week.

My husband is coming home today after 4 months at sea - I am so excited so having a craft free day today, I think its the first day for ages that I havn't made a card :D


Wedding Invitations

I am currently working on two lots of wedding invitations at the moment. Both brides are lovely people so really want to get it right for them. I remember as a bride myself how perfect you want everything so can really relate to that. Really enjoying working on the designs and getting them just right for them (hopefully)

Ill post pics when finished and agreed by the brides.


Knocked this up in 5 mins

For my cousins girlfriends birthday - getting really quick at these kind of cards now and I love this design. Its always scary when you give someone a home made card incase they don't like it - but she seemed to love it :)

Fathers Day

New cards for Fathers, Daddies, and Daddies to be

New Items Added to Website

I have posted new items to the gallery and online shops, I am trying to take better pictures to see the best of my work - unfortunately sometimes a picture doesn't do something justice.

I have also just finished making my naming day invitiations for Charlies Naming Day - I am really pleased with the end product :)

About Me

Hi I am Nicki and I have decided to do a blog as I have just started my own stationery business, so would like to keep track of everything and keep a little diary for me to look back on when I have made my millions lol.

So about me ? I am 33 Married to Sam and have two beautiful boys, Ben 11 and Charlie 8 months. They are my world and I am loving being at home after 6 years of working for a recruitment consultants lots of hours and stress! So now I am a stay at home mum with my own little business.

Lots of ideas in my head going round and round its just finding the time to make them into reality but I am writing them all down as they appear so watch this space...

My website is www.nmstationerydesigns.co.uk - take a look and let me know what you think...